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Welcome to Cuban Vibes mobile App - Dance classes just got easier!

Welcome to Cuban Vibes Dance School mobile App which has been designed by a dance student at our school who is interested in learning Cuban dance.

To support their learning and refresh their memory of the steps and moves they were taught in our dance classes, they would watch our tutorial dance videos on our You Tube channel.

As we have hundreds of videos on our channel, they decide to create a mobile App which just highlights dance videos of the different levels, moves and steps we currently teach in our lessons.

After hours of coding and linking selected tutorial dance videos from our You Tube channel version one of the mobile App was launched on Monday 18th September 2023.

Our absolute beginners, beginners, improvers, and intermediates dance syllabus videos are now just a fingertip away all in one place on your mobile phone. DOWNLOAD the Cuban Vibes mobile App today via Play Store

Please note, the App is currently only available for android phones via Play Store, we are planning to upgrade the App for Apple mobile phone users soon, so keep watching this space!

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