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Join our Online Dance Community Today and lets all learn together.

Access to dance lessons and course are so much easy today, especially as you can learn from the comfort of your own home, sometimes we are all looking for that 1-2-1 touch just to understand the finer details which sometimes we miss in a group, online dance sessions now adds more flexibility to your work life balance and learning.

So you're thinking about doing 1-2-1 online classes? Private classes are very useful and important if you want to develop your understanding of Latin & African dance whether it's casino, ladies and men styling, body movement & isolation, rumba, Afro Cuban, Son Cubano, or Cha Cha Cha.

Before you start it is important that you and your dance teacher have a proper consultation so they can get a clear overview of where you are and where you want to go so that your goals and outcomes can be realistically achieved without you getting too frustrated along your journey.

After sitting down with your dance teacher, they can set out a good lesson plan and scheme of works depending on the number of weeks it is estimated that you should take to achieve your goals and this plan should always be reviewed so that adjustments can be made as this plan will form the basis used for feedback and evaluation.

Watch your dancing take off

1-2-1 classes are not cheap but very cost effective in the long run, so only do them if you’re ready and serious, got time to put in some homework and ready to invest in your future. We at Cuban Vibes Dance School have many years of teaching in schools, universities, councils, local communities and corporate clients so we value our work and our customers and students.

Cuban Vibes Dance School approach to private tuition is to work with you to develop and fine tune your dance technique, and dance ability, with our personal tuition you will begin to gain balance and grounding in your dance, you will not just be taught moves but how to move with style, flow, connection, and dance with feeling to the music.

Our strength and ability are to tease out your personality and character to bring your own unique style to dancing whether it's just for you or for you and your partner especially if you're struggle a bit in the group classes or if you're planning to get married and looking for that special first dance at your wedding.


Option 1 : 1-2-1 via Online: Individuals - 1 hr lesson £40/£60

Option 2 : 1-2-1 via Online: Couples - 1 hr lesson £60/£80.

For Bookings Contact: Carlton Thomas or Miguel Gonzalez | Tel: 07904 082080 | Email:

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