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Shopping for Cuban Vibes Dance clothing at your finger tips!

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Cuban Vibes Dance School has been creating fashionable, comfortable and lasting branded clothing for their dance students and community for a few years. We believe in unity is strength and there is no better way to show this by way of the team and students wearing the same branded dance clothing.

Our dance students also become great ambassadors for our dance school, especially when they wear branded dance clothing at other dance events. So, we make sure, all our clothing is skilfully crafted by a local company using materials sourced locally and sold at a fair price.

We realised how hard it is for our dance community to find comfortable yet fashionable branded dance clothing that could be worn during dance activities and we believed there had to be a solution to this, hence it was one of the reasons why we decided to start our own branded dance clothing.

We are working towards growing our range of branded dance clothing, we currently offer men and ladies fitted t-shirts & Vest tops for £20 in Navy Blue, White or Red, tracksuit tops for £40 in Navy Blue or Red and beanie hats for £10 in Navy Blue or Red, Flannels for £10 in Navy Blue and White, Tote Bags in Navy Blue, White or Red for £10 with other clothing lines and colours to be introduce soon.

If you’re interested in purchasing an item or two on your next visit to our dance school, just place your order with Timea or Tony at reception or you can just send us your order via our contact’s page. Thanks for your continual support x

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