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Did you know your reviews on Google helps customers find us.

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Traditionally, the best way to market a business was through word of mouth. However, times have changed, and all it takes now is a Google search with your electronic device, the one thing that really counts is your customer reviews about how we delivery our classes and our customer-centred approach.

Research shows that customers are willing to support businesses with positive reviews. And that's not all good google reviews can do for your business; getting stars in your google review listing can help get us notice by customer want to take their first steps or customers visiting the UK looking for somewhere to dance.

Why is a Google Review Link Important?

Here are the main reasons why getting a google review link is important.

  • Favourable ranking in the search engines - The number one priority of Google is to provide the best experience to searchers. It focuses on the relevance and quality of products to its searchers. This means having many positive reviews can improve your ranking.

  • Increased visibility - If you want to be more visible on Google, you need better reviews. The only way to do that is to receive more of them.

  • Google is likely the first contact with your prospective customers - Therefore, having positive reviews helps establish trust with your customers even at the first interaction stages.

As you can see your reviews are important to us, it will always help us to shape the way we delivery our services to ensure your customer experience at Cuban Vibes Dance School is memorable!

To write your review click this link GOOGLE REVIEW. Thanks for your Google Review and your 5 Stars x

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