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ABCD - Any Body Can Dance – What is it and why Brent?

Updated: Mar 8

ABCD Any Body Can Dance – What is it and why Brent?

This dance Initiative is primarily about getting as many children as possible within Brent schools at Key Stage 1 - 5, moving and keeping active through Latin and African dance during school hours or as an after-school activity.

ABCD Any Body Can Dance – What are the benefits?

Dancing maintains and improves our quality of life more than any other human activity:

  • physical fitness - whole body

  • mind/body coordination

  • social engagement and cooperation

  • memory, and whole brain exercise

  • accessibility and diversity

  • self-expression and artistic/creative outlet

  • mental health

Can you think of any physical activity that offers as many benefits for human existence as dancing.


ABCD Any Body Can Dance – What happening in Brent?

Brent has some of the highest childhood obesity rates in London. Some 41.7 per cent of children in Year 6 were recorded as overweight or obese in 2018/19. Ethnicity data shows that children with the highest rates of excess weight in the diverse borough are from black Afro-Caribbean backgrounds. (Local Government Association).