Rueda Junkies London Every 1st & 3rd Thursday Of the Month

Cuban Vibes “On the Road” Rueda Junkies Workshops are for intermediates & Advanced Cuban salsa dancers and teachers who would like to explore more about the wonderful world of the Rueda wheel.

Event Dates, Venue & Prices:

Date of next workshop: every 1st & 3rd Thursday of the Month (8pm – 10pm)

Where: Ilford Sports Club, 3 Cricklefield Place, Ilford IG1 1FY | 020 8514 8352

Price: £8 for 1 class| £10 for 2 classes | students discount with ID £8


★-★ Summary of Workshops ★-★

Rueda – a fuera
This Rueda workshop is danced with the focus switched to the outside of the wheel. You will learn the basics of “a fuera” as well as some figures, which are especially nice, when dancing to the outside.

Rueda – de la Calle
This Rueda is fun and funky with short, quick moves with a bit of a twist incorporating some of the familiar standard Rueda moves.

Rueda – con Afro/ Rumba
This Rueda workshop has elements of Cuban Rumba and Afro Cuban dances, this workshop will give you the basic knowledge of these dances and movement.

Rueda – en la Linea
This Rueda workshop is a special form of the Rueda, in which the couples do not dance in a circle, but side by side in a line

Rueda – Contra Tiempo/Son Rueda
This Rueda workshop is danced to Son Music. You will learn how to dance to the Son beat (contra tiempo)

Rueda – Cruzado
This Rueda workshop will be divided in 2 groups, one group dances on 1, the other group dances on 5 in one Rueda circle.

Rueda – Dos Ruedas/ llantar
This Rueda workshop will teach you a special expert way to dance Rueda in 2 circles

Rueda – Espejo
This Rueda workshop is a bit of a brain tease brings you back to when you was a beginner in this format the men start on the right feet and the women on the left in short it’s like looking into a mirror.

Rueda – Dos Mujeres
This Rueda workshop teaches the men how to dance with two women. Men will be introduced to doing a Rueda with “2 women” and special calls.

Rueda – Dos Hombres
This Rueda workshop teaches the women how to dance with one man. Women will be introduced to doing a Rueda with “2 men” and special calls.

Rueda – Travesti/Switch
This is another fun type if rueda when the lead and follower switches role in the rueda and switches back using different rueda transitions so men if you have never played the female role here’s your chance.

Rueda – Mixta
This is a reuda with of 4, 6, or 8 couples but subdivided into two teams. Half of the couples are in normal Rueda format while the other half are in Rueda Pa’Fuera. Teams enter/exit wheel by the call “Enchulfa Mixta”.

Rueda – Contrario
This a rueda were every second lead change partner in the opposite direction ie contrario means opposite. When the command “contrario” is used the leads are divided in two teams with one team moving in the direction of abajo and the other team in arriba.

Rueda – dos Pareja
This a rueda with only 2 couples, even though it feels less like a circle, you still can do a lot of the standard and new figures in the comfort of just 2 couples. This type of rueda comes in very handy if you happen to be at a cross body party and your struggling for leads and followers.

★-★ ★-★ ★-★ ★-★ ★-★

If you’re interested and want to join us on the next rueda workshop.

Text your full name to 07904 082080 ref: RUEDA JUNKIES in London or inbox message Carlton on Facebook or email on

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